Success Stories

  • "After have been involved in an automobile accident, I began to experience severe back, neck, and shoulder pain. Dr. Angely was able to end that pain and make it possible for me to function again. I continue with maintenance visits, and my back remains strong and healthy. He and his staff are caring, friendly and a joy to deal with. I recommend him to all that may need his care."
    -Carrie Perkinson
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Angely's for four years. Without Chiropractic, I probably would have had to have back surgery by now. But instead I am healthy and free to do most any activity."
    -Jennifer Sharp
  • "Both my husband and I had back pain after the auto accident occurred. We immediately felt better just after a few adjustments of our spines. We were very pleased with the care we received and after our therapy was over, we both have stopped having neck and back pains and are very happy with the service we received."
    -Paul and Bucola Markham
  • "I could not lift my grandchildren because of pain in my mid back. After going to Dr. Angely for treatment and manipulation of my spine, I am now happily caring for and playing with my grandchildren like I enjoy doing. I could not thank Dr. Angely enough"
    -Cindy Farr
  • "When I first came to Dr. Angely my neck was very sore and stiff and I had constant headaches. He started me on a therapy program with adjustments of my spine. After only one month, I began to feel much better and the headaches went away."
    -Richard Crews
  • "We are very pleased with the treatment Dr. Angely and his staff have given my husband and I. They are wonderful people. After our auto accident we were both in a lot of pain, but Dr. Angely gave us the reassurance we needed to help us through those first days. After a series of treatments and adjustments of our spine, our pain is so much better and we were glad we went to Youree Drive Chiropractic Clinic."
    -Mary and Willie Jackson
  • "Why live with the discomfort of neck, shoulder, and low back pain?

    My answer to you... DONT'!

    I had been experiencing neck, shoulder, and low back pain for several months until early October 2004 when I could not longer deal with it. I made the call to the Youree Drive Chiropractic Clinic where I was introduced to Dr. Timothy W. Angely. I am so happy I made the call. Dr. Angely and his staff are wonderful and extremely knowledgeable in their profession. Considering how much stress the discomfort was causing me, I am so amazed at how much better I feel after just a few short weeks of treatment at the Youree Drive Chiropractic Clinic. I was almost ready to give up.

    It may sound like my discomfort was not much but it was causing me much distress on a daily basis, therefore I needed help and Dr. Angely has done just that. Why not do what I did. If you're tired of the problem, Dr. Angely and his staff is the solution."
    -Rita Pearl Winn Lott, A satisfied patient.